Profile My introduction to photography began when i was attended college through a friend. Since then, i have become a photography addict which finally led me being a self-thaught photographer.

This big passion of mine had made me try all photography genres – as photography itself has many genres, until i found out that human along with their activities as a subject is my best interest as in photojournalism such as documentaries of human’s daily life, traditional and cultural rites or events. I also interested in nature sceneries as well as street photography – one of the genre that i found very interesting recently.

Traveling is my other passion. Some places i’d been through, and hopefully i can discovering many more in the future.

For additional, as a big fan of jazz and rock music, you will find many posts of music concerts especially jazz and rock in the site.

Last but not least, i’m marrying an extraordinary woman whom i loved so much.

Vision As i am a photography addict, traveler and writer wannabe, and also consider that life itself is a journey, it is my intention to take you in all my journeys through my lenses and words in this site which i named as novriwahyuperdana photoblography.

What is photoblography mean? I devided this site to 3 main categories, which are Photography – a photo single posts which also my portfolio from my flickr account where i post all my work, Photoblog – where i post stories or documentaries with several photographs about something that interested me in my journeys that i want to share with you, and Blog – about my photographic thoughts mostly in Indonesian.

Photo and Processing Gear My first SLR camera was Nikon F60 which still used negative film at the time. From time to time i upgraded my cameras to Canon EOS 500D, Canon EOS 50D, until currently i’m using Canon EOS 5D Mark II. For lenses, currently i’m using Canon EF 17-40mm F/4L USM, Canon EF 70-300mm F/4-5.6 IS USM, and Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 II. Adobe Lightroom – i use mostly, and Adobe Photoshop are the photo editors that i choose to process my photographs, but just as necessary as it needs. I like my photographs as natural as it can be, just like the way i saw it when i captured it.

Find Flickr – An online photo management and sharing application website which i had been joined since August 2009. You can find most of my images here. Facebook – My social networking where i keep in touch with all my friends from all over the place everyday, share links and videos, and meet a new friends. Fotopedia – A website that building a photo encyclopedia that lets photographers and photo enthusiasts collaborate and enrich images to be useful for the whole world wide web which i joined in March 6th, 2010. Demotix – A website about ‘Street Journalism’, or in other words the newswire where you can tell stories.

Thank you very much for visiting this far. Please feel free to write down any comments to every posts in this site.