Drive Save or The Worst Thing Will Happen to You and Anyone Else

Oftenly we read and hear warnings like these which mostly on a billboard warning that we often encounter in the street, or in media such as television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. Too bad usually people ignore or do not give more attention to these.

Inadvertenly, i came across near a horrible car accident that fortunately did not prove fatal leading to death in car drivers and all passengers. According to some eyewitnesses, the poor car was drove at high speed through traffic lights. Suddenly the driver realized that there was one unresponsibly motorcycle violated and trespassed the red light sign. Then spontaneously the poor car driver avoided it by turned the steering wheel. This spontaneously action had made the car hit the end of the sidewalk which made the car lifted up onto the sidewalk, hit the traffic light pole, before finally reversed on one side of the road.

After that, people that existed around the crash site were immediately came helped by reversing the car to its original position and remove the car passengers whose were still trapped in the poor car. Surprisingly, all car passengers amounted to 5 people – including the driver, do not experience injuries that might result in death. Two people among the passengers looked whose had a minor injuries such as broken legs rushly carried to the closest hospital by pedicabs, while the other three did not look injured at all eventhough minor injuries. The car driver was weeped like regretting his carelessness in driving a car. Also, some journalists who might indeed happened to be around the crash site also looks straight up. About ten minutes after that, the police was came into the crash site to secure the area and started to ask all eyewitnesses about all the information about the accident.

Well, hopefully this accident will keep remind us to obey the traffic light so nobody will hurt or experience fatal causes because we violate the red-light like the unresposible biker had did, and stay cautious all the time while we drive any vehicle. Drive save or the worst thing will happen to you or anyone else.


Copyright © 2011 Novri Wahyu Perdana. All rights reserved.
All images were taken by using Canon EOS 5D Mark II, and Canon EF 17-40mm F/4L USM.


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