The Stunning Tong Stand

Here in Indonesia, we have a gorup of bikers whom use to known as “Tong Stand” whose play a stunning bike stunt circling around in a big barrel that made from woods and painted in many colours. On a night bazaar in Diski, there was this one of many biker group whose named themselves “Tong Star”. These bikers was attracted so many visitor to watched their stunning performance. They ride the bike without holding the bike’s handlebar, stood on the bike, and sometimes they ride the bike and get to the top edge of the barrel in order to grabbed some money from the audience.

“It tooks appropriate speed setting, balance, and courage to ride the motorcycle circling aroung in the barrel”, said Bois, the leader of this bikers group. Each bikers must qualified from several test first before he could join and be one of the stunt biker in this group, because if not this attraction could brings death to the unqualified biker and other bikers at the same time. It took about 3 months of everyday practice to be one of the stunt to get on the bike to circled around in the barrel.

Bois also added that “Tong Star” which joined in YASS (Yayasan Anak Singgah Sumatra) – the entertaining foundation that held the night bazaar has been performed several times in many major cities in Sumatra. There is chances also for them planning to perform in several major cities in Java a few months ahead.

At the end of their performance, Bois always made a sign to end their performance to other bikers by fisted his hand to the air before finally gave applause to the audience. This stunning performance only performed in about 15 minutes in a session, and it has 6 to 8 session in a night. For watching this stunning performance you have to pay for IDR4000 in the entrance gate.

The Tong Star bikers try to grab money from the audiences.

Bois, leader of the tong star releases his hand from the handlebar of his bike.
Bikers circling around the barrel.
Bikers circling aorund the barrel.
One of the biker try to grab money from audience.
Bois give a sign to end their performance to other bikers by fist his hand to the air.
Bois, the biker’s leader giving applause to the audience whose watch the attraction.


Copyright © 2011 Novri Wahyu Perdana. All rights reserved.
All images were taken by using Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EF 17-40mm F/4L USM, and Nissin Di622.

Special thanks to my very good friends Arifin Hidayat Nasution, Didex Dhekill, and Maestro Siagian for the great help on lighting.


5 responses to “The Stunning Tong Stand

    • Yes, it looks like insane. But according to my conversation with the biker’s leader, he said that accident during their show and other similar biker’s group in other places fortunately happened very rarely.
      Seems like they are very professional and knows exactly how to ride such like this savely.
      I heard that in India they are using cars to circling around in the barrel. Wow! Can you imagine how excited and breath taken that would be?

      • The car thing would be way cool. I love the fact that people get to watch up close and how the guys on the bikes are wearing street clothes. Flip flops even!

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