Balinese Baris Bedil Dance

Baris Bedil Dance as you can see here which captured at Ulun Danu Batur Temple, Bali and performed in a great Hinduism procession that called Tawur Agung Labuh Gentuh Mendak Toya Pekelem Ring Segara Danu Ian Gunung Batur on December 2009 is one type of Baris dance among many other types. This type of Baris dance perform by several pairs of dancers by carrying long-barreled imitation rifle made of wood that ussually performed at the ceremony of Dewa Yadnya in Klungkung, Bangli and Badung.

Baris Dance itself has many types of them. Baris dance is a dance that ussually perform in the Balinese religious ceremonial event. According to the name, “Baris” (English: Line), which come from the word “berbaris”, this dance can be interpreted as the dexterity of a troops of soldier.

This dance performed by several men, usually danced by 8 to more than 40 dancers with a lively movement strong enough, simple and dynamic, with the accompaniment of Gong Kebyar and Gong Gede. In each of this dance types, every dancer are carrying weapons, ceremonial equipment and costumes with a different color, which later became the name of the types of Baris dance that exist.


Copyright © 2009 Novri Wahyu Perdana. All rights reserved.
All images were taken by using Canon EOS 50D and Canon EF 70-300mm F/4-5.6 IS USM.


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