Portrait of The Poor

Poverty is an social issue or problem that never end in every countries, mostly in the third world countries. As a third world country, here in Indonesia we also have the same issue. Various programs, steps, and policies that had been taken by the government to decrease poverty to the lowest level appears still have not found a way out to solve this matter.

How did this poverty happen here Indonesia? Several books and writings i had ever read bring me to this simple conclusion. Indonesia is an archipelagic country which consist of 17,508 islands, with about 6,000 of these islands are inhabited, and scattered over both sides of the equator that makes Indonesia is a tropical country. And so, the Indonesian people from a long time ago were living as a farmer and fisherman according to it’s geographic location. I took from an agricultural side for an example. In this age of an industrial era, the progress and development of technology triggers a large increases of agricultural production due to the use of modern technology in agriculture. This situation had made a large amount of farmers were replaced by the technology and machines. More and more farmers lose their jobs because of this. After that they choose to move into town and trying to find a job.

But their problems are not finished after they moved into town. The technology development and progress does not even make the industries needs more labors, instead makes the industries saving a large amount of labors. Industries that nowaday most runs by technology and machines only need a well educated and highly skill’s workers to operate it. This kind of matter increasing the unemployment rate. So that’s why the poor people’s amount are also more increasing and force them become beggars, scavengers, and not mention criminals.

But according to the calculation of the National Development Planning Agency of Indonesia (Bappenas), the poverty rate in the year of 2009 could reach 33.7 million people. That happens when the economy only grew 4.5% and inflation running up to 9%. However, if the government can control the rate of inflation of 6%, then the number of poor people in this country can only be pressed into 29.9 million.

Meanwhile, the survey results from the Central Statistics Agency of Indonesia (BPS) in March 2008 and then, the number of poor people reached 34.96 million, or 15% of the total population of Indonesia. Or, down 2.21 million recorded in 2007 than there are 37.17 million poor people in the country. And then again on March 2009, the number of poor people (the population under poverty line in Indonesia) is decrease more into 32.53 million (14.15 percent).

Well this is a good news and hope the government can come up with more policies to decrease poverty in Indonesia to the lowest level.

Now back to the poor. In several occasions, i’ve seen a lots of this poor in some big cities in Indonesia. Beggars oftenly seen in every corner of the city such as street, overcross, or traffic lights begging on other’s mercy to give them some money to continuing their life. Scavengers oftenly also seen at the street and laystall or dump yard. While criminals oftenly seen at crowd places such as in a public transport or public transport station, or even in the market.

Unfortunately, almost all of these beggars and scavengers do not have permanent residence for stay and have to live under under a bridge, public parks, sidewalks, river, train station, or any other public places to sleep.

I also saw many children becomes a victim of this poverty matter. They didn’t have a chance to get a descent and healthy living at all which they should get. In fact, they also become a beggars, scavengers, and homeless like their parents because the unability of their parents to provide such things like that to them. And if we think about this chilren more, they are definitily our future or even our nation’s future so they should have a chance to get a well education for their better living of their own and their nation in the future. So the government must concern about this by saving this children future and protecting them from the poverty matter.

So this is some little portrait of the poor that i had been captured, and hope i can come up with many photographs more about them and how they lived. And i do always hope for the government concernities and efforts more to bring the poverty level in Indonesia to the lowest.


Copyright © 2009 Novri Wahyu Perdana. All rights reserved.
All images were taken by using Canon EOS 50D, Canon EOS 500D, Canon EF 70-300mm F/4-5.6 IS USM, and Canon EF-S 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 IS.


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